How I fixed my knee with Coué and AffirMirror


Throughout 2015 my right knee had been playing up a bit. I would wake up in the morning and could feel it creaking like a rusty gate, and it was quite sore while I limped around getting ready for work. I attributed this to skateboarding (badly) in my younger days and the inevitable march of time, and so just got on with it. And, anyway, by the time I’d cycled to work the stiffness was gone, not bothering me until the next morning.

At the end of October I suddenly found myself “un-busy”, and wasn’t cycling into work each morning… I used this time to create our promotional videos with Sarah, and do a bit more research into self-affirmation, when I came across the work of Emile Coué and phrase “every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better”, as I was writing the essay on the AffirMirror homepage I thought I’d give it a try. As Coué suggested I recorded the phrase into AffirMirror just before going to sleep, each evening for about a week or so while I studied his works and others. After this I slipped out of using AffirMirror as I became more busy.

Three or four (I forget the exact day) a strange thing happened; I awoke to find myself in the act of kicking out against my bedroom wall with my right leg… I was horrified with myself, anticipating a screech of pain from the knee at being so rudely jolted before it had “warmed up” for the day…

However as I sat up to clutch the offending joint it dawned on me that there was no pain! I fairly leapt out of bed and got dressed in record time, running downstairs to get my toast! I’m writing this in February 2016 and I can report that since then my knee has been as good as new.

So, in the context of Coué’s theory, what has happened here?

When I was waking from sleep, my conscious mind would recognise the pain coming from my knee, and react rationally; I would get out of bed gingerly, trying not to put weight on it and so on.

My unconscious mind knew what needed to happen to fix the problem, and I can only surmise that having AffirMirror repeat the phrase “every day, in every way…” summoned it into action.

What’s best is that there was no real “effort” involved on my part, just the willingness to try Coué’s phrase with AffirMirror, and then to forget that I had done so and not be constantly on the lookout for positive effects.