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Use your phone’s camera to record yourself saying an affirmation and AffirMirror will repeat it back to you; the more we affirm something the more our mind will accept the message. Choose from the included affirmations or add your own!

We all face stressful situations in life, from exams at school to giving presentations at work, the pressures of growing older and so on. Affirmations do not target specific stressors but instead speak to our overall sense of self-worth, which is a generalisation rather than a sum total of the negative or stressful situations. When our overall sense of self-worth is increased, it’s as if we give ourselves a sense of perspective on whatever negative situation we face. Rather than avoiding or not fully engaging with the situation, one starts to see the situation as less intimidating and performance is likely to increase.

AffirMirror is a software-tool that offers users the ability to record themselves saying an affirmation, and then repeats back that video a user-defined number of times. AffirMirror comes pre-loaded with 200 affirmations, and has the ability for users to create and store their own.

We hope you enjoy using AffirMirror, and wish you every success in harnessing the potential benefits of self-affirmation!


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